Tonie and the Donkeys

Tonie and the Donkeys



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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

SPRING HAS SPRUNG ! : TOLLEN FARM opens for the season
THURSDAY, APRIL 17,2008 AT 10 A M through SUNDAY APRIL 20 - 10 to 4 daily

Our lambs were late arriving this year so we are late opening the farm to all of you!
We have 9 new baby lambs and they will be out in the pasture with their mommas this week end,( if it doesn't snow!). Plants are beginning to arrive and the herbs are flourishing. With the weather as cold as it has been this spring, (and wet), it is really too soon to plant much. Roses, bare root trees, shrubs, grapes and berries are all OK. Perennials are beginning to peak up out of the ground and the peonies are growing daily! Come out and wander around the garden and through the shop and you are sure to find a treasure or two to take home to enhance your own living space. We'll give you a cup of coffee to keep you warm. Button up your overcoat, put on your boots and head out to the farm. You'll love it here and want to make it a frequent shopping stop.
Gardens to Go! Trellises & Arbors Pots &Metal Containers
Water Colors Garden Benches & Gates Italian Ceramics
Herbs, Plants Unique Garden Decor Items One of a kind Home Accents

P S: The donkeys and sheep LOVE carrots or apples cut into pieces. However, if you do bring them treats, please ask before you feed them anything.


Here are the new lambs enjoying the grass!