Tonie and the Donkeys

Tonie and the Donkeys



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Thursday, February 19, 2009

It seems like the snow lasted FOREVER, but since it has melted, it seems like the days are flying by!
Here at the farm, the sheep are getting heavier carrying their lambs and probably can't wait to have those babies! The lambs are due to begin arriving about the second and third week of March. It is always a busy time NIGHT and DAY around here during lambing season. As far as the ewes are concerned, the nights are just as likely to be the "right" time to have their babies as the day time. All nighters' are not uncommon in the barn. Any volunteers for that shift?!
Most of the ewes have twins. Since a ewe, ( the mom sheep), is naturally built to handle two offspring that usually works out great. However, triplets do occur sometimes and that can create a shortage of a ready milk supply for the little ones. When a ewe has 3 lambs, we sometimes need to mix up some milk re placer and bottle feed a baby.
The moms are given plenty to eat and are always penned up with their babies in pens called "jugs" for about 4 days. This gives everyone time to bond and lets us take care of any medical needs the lambs may have . At the same time, we can see how well the lambs are doing too.
Ewes can count! If a momma is missing a baby she will call it until it comes to her. At first, moms and babies recognize each other by smell and sound .
We are mindful of the weather and do not put young lambs out in the rain. Sunny mild days will find the whole flock out in the pasture. Rainy days mean that everyone is in the barn. After the lambs are about a month old, they can be outside any time.
Spring is coming and there is no better way to announce it than to watch a bunch of new lams frolic in the field!
It is a time of new beginnings. We invite you to join us here on the farm to watch it bloom. The lambs, daffodils, apple trees, the 35 year old wisteria, nut trees and other fruit trees, roses,
little donkeys, horses, and a myriad of garden and home decor treasures. Come find something to take with you to give you a feeling of renewal in your own home and garden.


Here are the new lambs enjoying the grass!