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Tonie and the Donkeys



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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tinker Bell and Poncho

This is a photo of Tinker Bell and Poncho. Tinker Bell is wearing the red halter and Poncho is in the blue halter. These two Minis were born 1 month apart . Poncho was born in August of  2009.
Poncho's dam is Serena and his sire is Cisco Kid. Both of his parents live here on the farm. Cisco is a dark chocolate brown Jack and Serena is a slate grey Jenny. Poncho's coloring is similar to his sire, but a lighter brown. He has the greatest disposition! He loves everybody. He grew up with a loving, caring, momma and got lots of attention.
Tinker Bell was born in September of 2009. Her dam is Bray Dee and her sire is Cowboy. Bray Dee is a grey dun colored donkey and Cowboy is a brown,grey,spotted donkey.  Tinker Bell 's coloring matches her dam",( grey dun).
It seems that Bray Dee, while she loved her baby, did not want to nurse her! It took a bit of persuasion from me to get her to accept her baby. Sometimes the jenny's teats are so swollen with milk that anything touching them is very painful. Once she had been tied up and restrained so that the baby could nurse, the pressure was released and nursing became less painful  and everybody was happy. The problem for Tinker Bell was that at the age of 3 months, Bray Dee decided that she did not want to nurse her any more. I leave the minis with their dams for 6 months and they nurse frequently every day. Since Bray Dee "kicked her baby off" at 3 months, Tinker Bell did grow as big as she might have otherwise  done. She has always been smaller.
She and Poncho became close buddies. They were raised together and played together every day while their dams grazed in the fields. The two were separated from their dams at 6 months of age and stayed close. Poncho was gelded and the two of them remain in the herd as friends. If one of the two is moved to a different field for some reason, the other one brays and gets upset. They have formed a very close attachment to each other.
For the last 2 summers, these two minis have been attending "summer camp" around the corner at a horse stable. The kids who come to camp to learn about horses get to play with the donkeys too. Minis LOVE kids and kids Love minis so it is a win win situation for everyone.
These two cuties are for sale as a pair. They can never be split up. Donkeys form very strong attachments and have been known to "pine away" if parted from a buddy!
Needless to say, they would make a wonderful addition to any farm!
Come visit the farm and meet the Minis!


Here are the new lambs enjoying the grass!