Tonie and the Donkeys

Tonie and the Donkeys



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Sunday, March 22, 2009


So far we have 7 new little lambs " on the ground". That means all of them arrived safely and are doing fine. A pair of twin ewe lambs were the first to arrive. Their mother's name is "Noisy", as she is constantly talking! The lambs are very cute. One is named Dot and the other one is Gracie.
The next to arrive was a big fella by the name of Peter. He was BIG! His momma did not have room to carry twins! At birth, he was one and a half times as big as one of the twin girls.
The third ewe to lamb had a pair of twin boys. Just for fun, we are calling them Target and Bulls Eye because of their markings.
Our Lincoln ewe had one very pretty , all white, little ewe. She has already been sold to a friend but she will live here. He has not seen her yet and therefore she does not have a name. I call her Camella.
Number seven is also a big boy. He had to be pulled, as did the twin rams. He was "stuck".
That means his head and 2 front feet were all trying to arrive at the same moment! The legs are bent at the "elbow" and make it very hard to push that baby out! Pulling each leg out straight, one at a time, then gives the mom a better chance of pushing that baby out. He does not have a name yet. He is not as large as Peter, but a close second.
There are still 2 ewes who have not lambed. I expect that the lambs will be here any day.
Both of the ewes will be happy to have their babies born and we will be glad to see them arrive.
We are always relieved when everybody arrives safely and is healthy.
Our new Romney ram did a great job . These lambs were up nursing in minutes and all of them are leaping and jumping around like little jumping beans. You can see them for yourself when you visit the farm.

Friday, March 6, 2009



The farm opens this year on Friday, April 3rd.
Join us to welcome the new season!
It is the week before Easter and we will have lots of wonderful
Easter gifts.
Easter baskets filled with bulbs
Easter candy treats
Easter Bunnies,(MAYBE)
Little Lambs to see out in the field
New Linens for the table
Thousands of unique Home & Garden Items

On Friday, APRIL 3rd, 4th, and 5th, we join the ;
Favorite 5 Country Farms Spring Tour
Come to the farm and we will give you a map and flyer that will show you how to get to 3 other locations you can visit on an easy 8 mile Country loop drive. Meet the owners of these farms .
You can visit for all the details!


Here are the new lambs enjoying the grass!