Tonie and the Donkeys

Tonie and the Donkeys



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Friday, October 31, 2008


Oh what an experience these young people from Japan had at the farm this week!They loved petting the donkeys and getting their photo taken with one.
Of course, the little guy, Comanche, was a favorite!

Jamocha Almond Fudge, our baby llama, was NOT about to let ANYONE touch her. She is pretty shy around strangers.

Then they visited the sheep barn, met the new ram, got to see and touch various types of wool, and find out what different kinds are use for commercially. While touring the farm,they saw all the ewes out in the field under the filbert trees . Picking an apple off the trees in the orchard to eat was a treat for them too. We enjoyed their visit as much as they enjoyed coming!
Some of them found treasures to buy in the shop. Everyone had a good time.


On Saturday, October 25th Momma Llama died. She was not doing well on Friday and Saturday morning our vet came to see her. We tried everything we could to save her but it just wasn't to be. Her little cria, ( cree ya), is 10 weeks old and really too young to be without her momma! However, she is now eating hay, drinking water, and getting a grain and milk replacer pelleted food to help her continue to grow and be healthy.
She is also becoming tamer and petting her is an option, if done with care and in a calm manner. Llamas do not like to be touched on their face or head. Jamocha Almond Fudge does like her neck rubbed and her back petted. She likes to put her face up to yours and touch you with her nose and mouth. Llama kisses are a new experience!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


The handsome guy you see on the right rubbing noses with one of his new "girl friends" is our new ram. He is a purebred Romney Ram raised by Dr.Fred Fredricks of Pin Oaks Farm in Aurora,Oregon. We are very happy to have him on the farm, but will keep our distance. He is not used to people so he is somewhat afraid of being too close right now,and keeping it that way is a very good idea with a ram! Having a big guy like him who weighs about 300 pounds decide to "ram" into you at any speed, is no picnic in the park! Fortunately, it is usually possible to sidestep a "hit",( if you are looking in the right direction when he decides to charge) ,if not, you will be knocked down.We do not have a name for him yet.
His previous owner, Fred, has been raising and breeding top notch Romneys for many years. He spent time in New Zealand with breeders there researching and helping develop the finer qualities of the Romney breed. He brought back semen from Australia and New Zealand rams to introduce those blood lines into US Romney flocks through artificial insemination.
The cross between the ewes on the farm and this ram should make great market lambs. You can judge for yourself next spring. The lambs will begin arriving on about March 10Th.
The flock consists of 10 ewes,4 Lincolns and 6 Hampshires. We also have 5 ewe lambs that will not be bred this year.


Here are the new lambs enjoying the grass!