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Tonie and the Donkeys



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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

He Has A Name!

Our new little donkey finally has a name.
As I said in my last post, it takes me a while to pick the "right" name foe the new babies around the farm.
He will be called BRONCO BILLY from now on. Of course, that will get shortened to BRONCO in no time.
He loves to race around the pasture with his tail straight out and his little nose up in the air. He bucks like a rodeo bronco just for the fun of it. He is full of life and seems to be enjoying it immensely!
He comes right up to the fence to be petted.
Like all mini donkeys, he loves attention.
I have not put him with the older group of babies yet. I will eventually add, Smoochie, Serena and Bronco Billy in with the rest of the female donkey herd.

It has been said ,by many breeders, that a male donkey ,(known as a jack), will often times try to kill a youngster that is not his offspring.
I would not take any chances with any of my donkeys!

I recently watched one of my jacks go after a little dog who ventured into his pasture. Donkeys do not like dogs. They will attack one if it enters their field. Many folks use mini donkeys to protect their sheep from dogs and coyotes for this very reason.

A donkey will chase it's prey head on and strike at it with their front feet and their teeth. They roll the offending animal under their hoooves and stomp it to death.

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