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Tonie and the Donkeys



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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


AUGUST 2nd two of the horses were put in the round pen to begin training. The round pen, is just that, ROUND.
It is a 60 foot circle where 1 horse and 1 person can inter act in a controlled space.
The person's goal is to get the horse to Walk, Trot. Whoa. and Stand on command.
It also gives the trainer a place to work off some of the horse's EXTRA ENERGY safely!
Many horses need time in the round pen to be able to settle down enough for a rider to safely mount and ride.
Our 4 horses are not broke to ride YET.
We are beginning at the BEGINNING!
Snowy and Baby Girl are the first two to be introduced to Sabra and the round pen training.
I watched and this morning, I took Huck in for a brief session. She was so worried about being there without her pals and watching them run around in the field, that it took most of her time in the pen to just get her to pay attention to me and then to WALK around the circle.
TROT isn't an option with her yet. She finally settled down and would complete 2 whole circles with me walking fairly close to her. She is not comfortable very far from me right now.
Next in the pen was Polly.
She did pretty well EXCEPT for wanting to STOP all the time and eat the grass. When I got her past that point, she walked the circle with me quite a ways away from her on the long line and also was able to complete a couple of circles at a trot. WHOA is yet to be accomplished quickly.
We will update our progress with the horses and put in a couple of photos as soon as we get a new camera!

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