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Thursday, May 8, 2014



My 2 ewes each had a set of TRIPLETS ! I write that word in capitol letters as it is that rare! Usually the "girls" each have twins. This spring they outdid themselves!
Camilla had triplets outside in the apple orchard on a sunny day and her good friend , Gracie, ended up having triplets the next morning in the barn.
When I arrived at the barn in the morning, 2 lambs were already born and the third one was not in evidence yet...After about 30 minutes, Gracie began the paw the ground and circle, a sure sign that something is unfinished! She laid down and pushed a bit but when her 2 babies began to baa, she got back up to check on them.
 I could see 2 toes sticking out . That view would be normal if there were also a nose but that was not the case. The 2 feet that I was seeing were back feet and they were upside down!
This third lamb was going to need some very quick help to make it into the world alive! I waited until the back legs were a bit farther out and then I pulled that little baby out FAST!
OK, it began to breathe ! Within about 15 minutes, it was trying to get up and trying to stand.
I knew then that it would make it!
After I made sure that all 3 new babies had been able to get a nice drink of warm milk from their mom, I left everybody alone.
I did check them later on and everybody was doing fine.
The 6 lambs are all growing and frolicking in the orchard. They   are now 3 weeks old. 
I have set up a special place in the barn where they can go to get water, grain, and hay.
 It is called a "creep"and the  ewes cannot get into the area. 
If they could get into the 'creep", they would eat up all the food that is there for the little ones.
You are welcome to come visit on the days that we are open.
Thursday through Sunday from 10 to 4 April - September

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Here are the new lambs enjoying the grass!